Public Speaking Holiday Program


We want to help your child explore multidimensional learning styles. So seize this great opportunity for your child to:

  • Speak with confidence
  • Develop self esteem
  • Sharpen & polish their public speaking skills
  • Use the 4 P’s to a powerful presentation
  • Work in teams
  • Indulge in dramatic skills
  • Develop delivery skills such as vocal variety, articulation & voice projection

At the end of this program your child would be enriched by this enjoyable experience.

Hope to see your child at our workshop!

Public Speaking Holiday Program
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Public Speaking Holiday Program
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Holiday English Classes For Children/Teens

We teach English to young learners between Ages 7 – 17 years old.

Candlelight English Learning Centre offers Kids/Teens a wide range of English Language Courses which are customized to help students in developing their English proficiency.

We personalize the English Courses to suit your needs. Our lessons are tailored to your needs. You create your own plan; you decide your rate of progress and choose the topics that you really need, such as everyday vocabulary. Build your perfect course and start your journey.

Achieve language success with our range of English Courses for learners.

The classes consists of a variety of tests, activities and exercises for students seeking to improve their English Language skills. Great care has been taken to ensure that the four basic language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing are adequately dealt with.

It is our hope that students will find our classes interesting, stimulating and motivational that will enable them to reach a desirable level in their quest for language proficiency. E techniques of public speaking, helping them to discover the gift of communication. They will learn to present a polished speech before their peers. They will go through exercises and practice sessions to develop delivery skills such as vocal variety, articulation, and voice projection.
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Online English Class

online-class1Learn English Online, the Easy Way!

Learning English online with Candlelight Training offers you the best combination.  Total flexibility and the effectiveness of a unique teaching method.

Do you want to learn English at home and avoid the costs and inconvenience of going to class?

Does your schedule change often and you want the flexibility of learning from anywhere convenient to you.